Help Communities Help Themselves

The Richard C. Munroe Foundation, Inc. is a small family foundation. Although there may be exceptions from time to time, our primary areas of focus are human services (programs for at-risk youth and the impoverished), the arts (especially programs that will aid the at-risk population), and the environment. Our grants will typically be between $3,000 and $15,000. We prefer to limit our grants to any one organization to a maximum of 3 grants over a period of years and many of our grants will be made on a “one time only” basis.

We prefer to fund specific project/capital need expenses rather than operating expenses as our funds are limited and we in no way guarantee our participation in future years. Unless a board member has specific information regarding an organization requesting a grant, we prefer to focus geographically on the metro Atlanta area as this facilitates our ability to monitor recipients. Finally, we prefer to focus on small organizations or programs, preferably with a 3-year operation history, and hope that our grants will provide leverage whereby the recipients can successfully solicit funds from larger charitable organizations.