If your organization feels it might qualify under our general guidelines as stated in our mission statement, you should submit the following:

  • A letter (please try to limit it to one page) with the following information:
  1. Your primary mission
  2. The community you serve (homeless, at-risk youth, etc)
  3. The amount requested
  4. The specific reason for the request (capital funding, new program, etc)

  • Completed Grant Application (Click here to download)
  • A copy of your IRS letter verifying your tax-exempt status (or that of your umbrella organization)
  • Verification of ability to earmark grant for a specific purpose.

  • Any additional attachments you wish to send for our review as we discuss your request.

The board of the Richard C. Munroe Foundation meets once a year in late summer or fall. Please submit your request no later than August 15th to insure that you are included on the agenda.

Please submit all applications and supporting materials electronically to:

or via fax at: (404) 355-0157